New Video!

Head over to my YouTube! Click here for my new video ! It’s the Portrait for Me!SHOP NOW!! $49.99 Want to Learn How to Paint your own Portrait?www. Groovy Mood Designs .com🍍 Get your portrait painted, what are you waiting for? 🎉 Do You Have Any Paintings In Your Home?🌸💕Go to 👑 NeedContinue reading “New Video!”

Portrait Painting

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Figure Painting

For this painting I used about 7 colors. If you want to buy any of these art products click here ! Figure painting is when you paint models. However you can also paint yourself looking in a mirror or a photograph. Watch the Video On Instagram or Youtube. Click Here for Instagram Click Here ForContinue reading “Figure Painting”

Self- Portrait

Watch me paint my self portrait on my Instagram @groovymooddesigns I used red, yellow, blue, black, brown, and white. I used Artist loft paint. I used one angle brush. I used water. Total time about 35 minutes. To do speed painting you can work with a mirror and do a self portrait or paint aContinue reading “Self- Portrait”

Paint Pours

Planning: decide what colors you need. I will be make a garden painting so i will use greens and pinks. Set up: get your cups your silicone youd paint and medium and canvas. Prop canvas on top of cups and place plastic underneath to catch the pour off. Paint:take you time and allow time forContinue reading “Paint Pours”

Hot summer. Hot Deal.

Want to know how we price out art? Check out our previous blog post. Want to know why we can offer such low prices? Sign up for a subscription for as little as $1.00 a month- less than a cup of tea and get premium behind the scenes information. We at Groovymooddesigns LLC strive forContinue reading “Hot summer. Hot Deal.”