Printing Giclee Prints

To print a Giclee print you need canvas sheets for the printer and ink. To order a giclee print check out our giclee print category. Giclee prints allow you to get your art to more customers and also allows you to frame artwork easily. Our giclee prints are 8.5”x11” If you want an original youContinue reading “Printing Giclee Prints”

Materials that we use!

Choosing your medium is an artist choice but you should study advanced techniques to improve your artwork unless you like it just the way it is! These are some of the materials we use : Pouring medium Canvas sheet Heavy body acrylics Glaze Gel Pencils These mediums are important for creating different techniques and creatingContinue reading “Materials that we use!”

Giclee Prints

Giclee prints are reproductions of artwork on cotton canvas using a printer that’s inkjet and uses pigment colors. Many time artists paint and then only one buyer benefits but with prints an artist can sell an unlimited amount. Pricing the print depends on your level but you can decide whether you want to make itContinue reading “Giclee Prints”