Paint Pour Swipe

For Materials and paint preparation watch paint pours Part 1 and Part 2.

Here is the video of how we paint swipe. First we do puddles on bare blank canvas. The apply white paint (no silicon) to the top or bottom and using a paper towel we swiped.

Watch the video here.

Certificate of authority

Some states require a certificate to charge sales tax so check with your city.

We sell from Queens NY. Our sales tax in Greater Area NYC. Thats 8.875%.

We use PayPal at the moment so we have calculated the sales tax into our price! Soon we will be converting to an e-commerce website to better serve our customers.

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Available as giclee print or original painting.

Materials that we use!

Choosing your medium is an artist choice but you should study advanced techniques to improve your artwork unless you like it just the way it is!

These are some of the materials we use :

  • Pouring medium
  • Canvas sheet
  • Heavy body acrylics
  • Glaze
  • Gel
  • Pencils

These mediums are important for creating different techniques and creating more vibrant paintings. All new artwork will be in our shop!

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Art for business

When you are making your art into a business you need to think about starting a business as a sole proprietorship, L.L.C. , corporation, etc.

You may also need licenses etc so check your state laws. You also need to pay taxes and keep track of your bookkeeping.

Start an online or retail presence and work on your art pricing and niche. Check out your competitors and see what they are charging.

Go to art shows, museums, and be inspired. Write an artist statement. Add social media accounts and be active in the art community.

Starting an Art Business

In order to start an Art business you need a business plan. Copyrighting is also very important to own your own images. You can write your own business plan outlining finances and strategies. You should also start a search for manufacturers that will be able to produce your work and that fits into your plan.


I am starting a greeting card business. There will be cards for each season. The photo above is Christmas themed image.

The artist is able to run the entire business on their own. If you are just beginning it is best to start with creating your images. When I start my images I usually have an idea and I start painting an outline, do not be afraid to repaint over your work until you get it right.

I spent 2 days working on these images for a total of 3 hours and it is still a work in progress. It is a large piece however you may find new ideas while you are working so be patient.