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You can now shop on Instagram. You can connect your Instagram to a business page on Facebook and a catalog separately. For example connect your Instagram to a business page and then connect it to a catalog on another commerce page.

You can visit Instagram @groovymooddesigns and check out what it looks like.

Art for business

When you are making your art into a business you need to think about starting a business as a sole proprietorship, L.L.C. , corporation, etc.

You may also need licenses etc so check your state laws. You also need to pay taxes and keep track of your bookkeeping.

Start an online or retail presence and work on your art pricing and niche. Check out your competitors and see what they are charging.

Go to art shows, museums, and be inspired. Write an artist statement. Add social media accounts and be active in the art community.

Artist Statement

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Your artist statement should contain what you paint, how you paint, and why. Art evicts an emotion in fine arts. So think about what your intent is as an artist. Here’s how I break down my Artist Statement:

A lot of my art work uses the “Painterly” Style. Painterly style is defined as works of art where you can see brush stokes or tools marks used to paint. Artist such as Matisse in the Industrial Revolution also painted in this style.

Some of my work also displays “Linear” Style. This is defined as paintings with an outline or filled in shapes. Keith Haring was well known for his linear art and contour drawing.

I also usually aim for Absolute clarity in my paintings, meaning that each subject is defined. Leonardo Da Vinci painted his Last Supper painting with absolute clarity.

My general movement in art is Contemporary, it’s a combination of concepts, methods, subjects, and materials. One known artist is Freud who painted in this style.

My art is also Representational. I paint things that are clearly identifiable in real life. Monet was a representational artist as well.

My also paint genre art. Which is ordinary people doing every day things. Vermeer also painted in this style.

My art is mainly decorative. Picasso’s art was Decorative.

Therefore, I am a Decorative Contemporary Genre Painterly Artist. I focus on Representational art of New York. I work with Acrylics on Canvas in Linear style. I paint my vision of my Society’s Culture.

Creating an Art Series

Many artist create hundreds of totally random works of art but others choose to create a series of work.

(Definition) Series: a number of usually similar things done, produced etc one after another.

For example an artist might create a series of Dogs, instead of dogs, cats, and elephants. That way the work can be specific and more in depth, the series can get even more focused to a specific breed of dog and dog color. This helps artists to explore different ideas on one topic, and relate to their audience. An audience is more likely to follow you if they can understand where your art is coming from, instead of just a pile of work that is all over the place.

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Using Soft pastels as a medium

Soft Pastels are a great artist choice for large or small pieces. I have used soft and oil padtels and the difference is that you need to use a fixative for oil pastels. Soft pastels are great because they show strong vibrant colors and are easy to use.


I have used pastels to make beautiful ACEO collectible trading cards and I protect them using acid free sleeves. Another way to ensure the color stays vibrant is to show them behind glass making sure its no acrylic or plastic or the pastel particles will attract to it and make a ghost image. Hairspray can be used also if you are careful, hairspray tends to leave drops or alter the color of it. The best fixative if needed would be the Lascaux fine art fixativ.


I have my ACEO card auction in my ebay store.
Soft Pastels are a good medium for beginner or professional artist, you hold it right in between your fingers and you can feel the picture come to life as you use them.

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