Figure Painting

For this painting I used about 7 colors. If you want to buy any of these art products click here !

Figure painting is when you paint models. However you can also paint yourself looking in a mirror or a photograph.

Different size brushes.

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Publishing in the Queens Ledger

When you have a business advertising is key. Newspapers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads are all important.

The ads can be costly and as a small business you need to keep your finances in order. However, you can also promote your business at art shows, family, friends, and business cards. Vista print is a great website for printing business materials.

You can also make a YouTube commercial or invest in larger billboards or signs in your community.

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Paint Pour Part 1

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We will break down the process into steps. You can follow along and get your supplies ready. First you need a canvas and some cups to prop the canvas. And a tray or box of just a large bag to catch the paint.

See the video here.

Certificate of authority

Some states require a certificate to charge sales tax so check with your city.

We sell from Queens NY. Our sales tax in Greater Area NYC. Thats 8.875%.

We use PayPal at the moment so we have calculated the sales tax into our price! Soon we will be converting to an e-commerce website to better serve our customers.

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Available as giclee print or original painting.

Paint Pours

Planning: decide what colors you need. I will be make a garden painting so i will use greens and pinks.

Set up: get your cups your silicone youd paint and medium and canvas. Prop canvas on top of cups and place plastic underneath to catch the pour off.

Paint:take you time and allow time for it to dry completely.

Finish:spray with garnish or gloss for finished look. Scan or photograph art for media or giclee prints.

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Printing Giclee Prints

To print a Giclee print you need canvas sheets for the printer and ink.

To order a giclee print check out our giclee print category.

Giclee prints allow you to get your art to more customers and also allows you to frame artwork easily. Our giclee prints are 8.5”x11”

If you want an original you can also repaint, trace, your art to sell however that can be time consuming if your selling thousands of art paintings.

Make sure to get a good scan or photograph of your artwork before printing to make sure it’s clear and colors match.

All about Paint Pours

Paint pours are when you use 2-8 colors to pour paint on a canvas makes cute designs.

Swipe technique where you put a base like white and then put your colors in a line across the middle in layers then take a piece of cardboard to swipe from the middle to the edges in lines/columns. Then you can tilt and turn the canvas to spread the paint. You can pour excess paint on edges that are dry to help the paint to move along. You will see a lot of cells and a line in the middle of the canvas. Make sure you get the edges! To get a lot of cells you can mix white or black with water/floetrol and thin it down.

More swiping techniques are to first pouring puddles over the canvas then pour a white line across the top and swipe down. The large white areas you can play in by adding drops of colors and blowing (ex. With a straw). You can use playing cards, paper, paper towels, or cardboard to swipe.

Layering technique is when you pour a line or squiggly line of paint across the canvas and then put white on top then either tilt and turn or swipe it.

 When pouring you usually start with a white base and pour on canvas then you can use a blow dryer to spread the paint. Then instead of layering paint into a cup you can pour directly on the canvas and layer that way. You can make circles or lines. Using white paint to act as a medium to move paint.

When starting first you need to mix your paints with floetrol 1:1. Then you can add a little water to make a warmed honey consistency. Then when making your cups start with white then color then white etc. Use a small cup for your pour to get cells. Always prep canvas with the titanium white to help paint slide. Then flip the cup on the canvas and wait a minute for cells to form. Slowly remove the cup. Let the paint sit for another minute and then remove any bubbles you see. Tilt and turn canvas to spread. To get more cells you can also optionally use silicone.

Advanced techniques are to paint the canvas a color of your choice then coat it with floetrol and water to keep the color. Then pour on you paints into a 8 figure instead of a puddle.

You can also use a turn table, spinner, or cake turn table to spin the pour.

You can also find your own technique and experiment with pouring sliding, splattering combined.

Paints to use are flow acrylics or basic acrylics. For silicone you can use spot on treadmill lubricant or OGX coconut oil serum.

For pours other things you can use are applicator bottles, funnels, etc.

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