Using Gesso

  • What is Gesso?

Gesso is a medium used to prime a canvas.

  • Why do you use Gesso?

Gesso is used to create a surface that meshes well with the paint.

  • How do you use Gesso?

Usually you just paint it on, there’s no wrong way, it can be used on paper or canvas.


Gesso can be thick or thin, you put on 2-3 coats letting it dry from 30 minutes or longer.


Gesso can also be tinted using acrylic paint, to give the canvas a nice tone.


Both these painting were used using gesso as a primer.


“A little Fairy on the moon”

Ebay auction for this cute piece



“A portrait of Beyonce eating a cherry”

Auction on eBay for this original painting

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